No one ever knew they would come across a psychopath, most of us never knew there were such people even in the world, let a lone fall in love with one.  Psychopath term has been mislead by movies or the media, a killer, a crazed person hiding in trash cans.  But they are not, they are people you do see on the streets and most likely they are very charming.  Until they get you under their claw. The outside world has no idea that it is a mask they wear. Hiding, pretending, manipulating until they are ready for the emotional kill.

This is a group of people that created this blog.  Many stories, many experiences they all have had to help other victims become aware.  Some have came to this website because they are confused, walking on glass or on an emotional roller coaster at the expense of the psychopath.  Some are here because they know they are in a toxic relationship but the psychopath has been trying to convince them they are not.  We are here to help validate your feelings. Some are here because they know they are and having a hard time removing the psychopaths spell, pulling you in over and over with their tricks.  Others maybe here for another friend.  No matter the reason there is little awareness about the walking, charming psychopath.